The Problem With Configurations

Originally published in Netocratic

Configuration is one of those things we usually take for granted. Yet, as more and more configurations are added the use of configurations becomes hard and complicated. With enough configuration parameters, keeping track of what the current configuration “is” can be quite problematic. Often, people misconfigure systems due to various reasons such as poor documentation or unexpected interactions between different parameters. Sometimes, the configuration itself can be complex and requires a language to express it, raising the bar of required knowledge for defining the configuration. Despite the “boring” nature of configurations they can and do obliterate entire companies in matter of hours.

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Thoughts about configuration management

Current configuration management tools solve a huge problem, providing a way to place repeatable, eventually coordinated application and server setup on large scale environments. Although we have come a long way since handcrafting our servers, even with Chef or Puppet, I still feel like we’re chasing our tails. Virtual Human Before we had configurable software, we needed to edit a few source files or headers, change a few constants and recompile.
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